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Created on May 2nd 2001, l’Autre Fabrique is an architecture firm, registered to the French Architects Order.
It is headed by Jean-Pascal Crouzet, architect Dplg, previously project manager and partner of Studios Architecture, in Paris from 1991 to 2000 and project manager of the agency Degrès et Grades in Cayenne, French Guyana from 1989 to 1991.

Thanks to a international experience, with reputed and demanding clients, lautrefabrique offers the full range of architectural services.
Trained to a sustainable approach, it proposed pragmatic answers, favoring simple devices focusing on the common sense, whether in public or private markets.
Areas of interventions of lautrefabrique are diversified and allow the expression of a contextualized architecture, by projects geography and programs.
Local projects consist primarily of restructuring and renovation of old buildings, public or private.
Those made in the Middle East concern either new buildings or interior architecture programs. They answer to strong brand image programs, projects for which the expression of functionality, ergonomics, communication and merchandising requires a rigorous design of all its components.

Convinced that the confrontation of different views and experiences is beneficial to the projects, lautrefabrique combines its skills and sensitivity, those of engineers and designers, landscapers, or lighting designers.
The use of the latest computer technology allows us to produce and communicate during all phases of the project with its clients and partners.
This pooling of skills enhances objective definition of the best solution tailored to the needs of its clients and the appropriate response to the specificities of their project.

lautrefabrique strongly encourages the contribution and involvement project owners and users during the entire project duration.
Its structurated and participatory work methodology allows to involve end users, as wall as consultants during the programming and design phases.
At first, the client is at the heart of the development of the basic concept and definition of functional requirements.
Then, his guidelines are enhanced and fortified by the contribution of the entire team in the development of the project.

Lautrefabrique flexibility allows it to adapt to any size of project and keep simple and direct relationships with its clients. This flexibility leads to an availability of every moment and high speed of intervention.
Thanks to a network of partners and consultants, lautrefabrique is able to mobilize the means of production required to meet the constraints of the tightest schedules.